lady waxing her legs

Girl waxing her legs

Hair is pulled out from the roots so the hair doesn’t grow back as quickly as when it’s shaved. It’s okay to use tweezers or waxing on facial hair (eyebrows, upper lip) as well as body hair, but men should not use it for beard hair.With waxing, either hot or cold wax is applied to the area and a strip of cloth is placed over the top. The cloth is then ripped off taking the hair with it. Always follow the instructions if you are doing it yourself.

Because the hair is pulled out, waxing and plucking can be very painful. There can also be irritation of the skin. Some people should avoid waxing altogether:

  • People with diabetes should not wax. They have a greater chance of getting infections.
  • Don’t use wax over moles.
  • If you have a skin irritation or sunburn, you shouldn’t wax until the skin is fully healed.

Always follow the products instructions for waxing, or even better go to the Beauty Salon and have it done professionally. In time you my gain the confidence to do it yourself.

Waxed hair will take longer to grow back and eventually grow back finer.



Shaving banner with razorsShaving is simply using a razor to remove the tip of the hair shaft that has grown up through the skin. Razors come in a bunch of different forms. There are standard razors that are either completely disposable or have a disposable blade that needs to be replaced regularly, and there are electric razors. When you’re using a standard razor, the most important item you need is a clean, sharp blade. Try to avoid shaving with a dull or blunt blade. It will give you an uneven shave and leave you with redness, blotches, and patches of unshaven hair on your face and neck. At worst, a dull blade will remove a fair amount of your skin along with the hair.

How to Shave

Before you begin, be sure to remember to rinse your razor after every few strokes. That way, the razor is cleared of any shaving cream or hair that might clog it up. Also, because the hair on different parts of your face grows in different directions, always try to shave in the direction your hair is growing (shaving against the direction your hair is growing can cause razor burn, redness, and rashes).shaving

  • First, wet your face with hot or warm water.
  • Squirt some shaving gel into your hand, then apply it to your face, making sure to cover the sides of your face, chin, mouth area (around your lips), neck, and throat.
  • Press the razor to the area you want to shave (it’s a good idea to start with the sides of your face as they’re easy to handle). Use short, slow strokes and remember to move the razor in the direction your hair is growing. Don’t press too hard but don’t be too gentle. Find the right touch by making sure the razor is cutting the hair and not your skin. You’ll know if you’re being too gentle if you only remove the shaving cream and the hair is still there.
  • When the sides of your face are finished, move on to the more tricky spots. For areas like your upper lip/moustache area, bottom lip/chin area, and neck/throat area, you’ll have to work a little. Try to stretch your skin a bit to make a flat surface, and glide the razor over those tricky areas.
  • When you’re finished, rinse your clean face with cold water.

Catalyst: Teenage Acne – ABC TV Science

How acne forms.

How acne is formed.

A Professionals Opinion

This is a video that I discovered on Catalyst ABC TV.  Dr Joann See gives her professional opinion on caring for teenage skin.

I think that it is also important to read the comments at the bottom of the Catalyst video.  I believe that different solutions suit different people and it is important to stay healthy and hygienic.

Catalyst: Teenage Acne – ABC TV Science.

Skin Care

Teenage Girl Washing Her Face With Water

Your Skin Loves Water

Acne often starts in your early teen years and your body is making more oil glands. A few different skin problems are ; whiteheads, blackheads and cystic acne.

  1. Whiteheads are made when a hair follicle (root) is plugged with oil and skin cells.
  2. If this plugged up stuff comes up to the surface of the skin and the air touches it, it turns black this is why it is called  a “blackhead.” So, blackheads are not caused by dirt.
  3.  If a plugged follicle breaks, the area swells and becomes a red bump. If this happens close to the surface of the skin, the bump most often becomes a pimple. If it breaks deep inside in the skin, nodules or cysts can form, which can look like larger pimples. This is cystic acne.

Acne is common around teenagers, but not everyone will have the same troubles. Boys may get more acne as they have more oil in their skin or it  may run in your family. Some people have just got more sensitive skin.

Acne can be treated in many ways, such as washing your face regularly. This may clear up the skin but if that does not work there are many cleansing products which are  available in different forms, such as gels, lotions, creams, soaps, and your kitchen is full of ingredients to make home remedies.

If you have a bad skin reaction to any products you buy on your own,  stop using them immediately.

It can take time for  products to work. If they do not make your acne better after two months, you may need to see a doctor.

Things that can make acne worse are :

Oil-based makeup, suntan oil, hair gels and sprays

  • Stress
  • Your period
  • Picking at pimples
  • Scrubbing skin too hard

What’s that smell?

pick your noseYou may have noticed a few unusual strong smells around. More than you have ever noticed before.

It’s him, it’s her and it’s you. Sometimes we don’t notice our own smells, because were too familiar with them. That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t take responsibility for our hygiene, just because we don’t think we smell.

Masking them with another fragrance isn’t the answer. The combination of the two can be even more offensive.

Keeping Clean chart

First of all where’s the odour coming from?

  • underarm
  • feet
  • mouth
  • hair
  • genital area

Some ways of getting rid of smells are showering everyday. By showering with hot water and soap you will find yourself smelling very fresh and clean. It doesn’t hurt to use deodorant or antiperspirants. Although deodorants smell nice if you cover up your body odor with the deodorants may make the smell worse. Antiperspirant block the pores of your skin. Washing your clothes everyday is another great way to get rid of body odor as the clothes absorb the smell. Washing your feet every night is also very effective. Always dry your feet completely before putting on socks of shoes and always wait for your shoes to dry before putting them on again. If you follow these steps you will smell and feel much fresher.