Girls Stages

  • diagram of female stages through puberty

    female stages through puberty

    Breast Stage 1. This is the stage before puberty starts. There is no breast tissue. The areola is flat against the chest.

  • Breast Stage 2. From 8 years old to 13 years old. A small amount of breast tissue is seen. The areola increases in size, but still lays flat against the chest.
  • Breast Stage 3. From 9 years old to 14 years old. Breast tissue increases and is wider than the areola. Areola continues to grow, and is still flat against the chest.
  • Breast Stage 4. From 10 years old to 15 years old. Breast tissue continues to grow and is distinct from the chest wall. The areola and papilla (small bumps of tissue around the nipple) are now raised up from the chest wall.
  • Breast Stage 5. The areola flattens out again to the curve of the breast. The papilla are raised up from the areola.

Pubic Hair Development

  • Pubic Hair Stage 1. This is the stage before puberty starts. There are no sexual hairs at this time.Diagram for stages of puberty for girl
  • Pubic Hair Stage 2. From 9 years old to 13 years old. There are a few, lightly-colored, straight hairs that occur on the labia majora (outer labia).
  • Pubic Hair Stage 3. From 10 years old to 14 ears old. More hairs start to appear. The hairs are becoming darker and are beginning to curl.
  • Pubic Hair Stage 4. From 10 years old to 15 years old. The pubic hairs become coarser, thicker and are curly. There are many hairs, but they do not spread to the thighs and are not as abundant as in an adult.
  • Pubic Hair Stage 5. Typical adult “triangle” of pubic hair, spreads to the inner thigh area.

Boys Stages

Growth chart for boysBoys generally begin puberty sometime around age 10. The testicles begin to mature and an initial growth spurt may occur.

The second general stage of puberty usually occurs around age 12 or 13. The testicles continue to grow, and this means that more testosterone will be flowing through the body. Boys continue to grow taller rapidly, at a rate of 5 to 7.5 cm a year. A boy’s body will begin to take on a leaner, more adult and masculine shape.healthy happy teenage boy

The third stage of male puberty occurs around age 13 or 14. Pubic hair begins to grow darker and fuller, and the penis now begins to grow in length. Their testicles continue growing, erections become more common and they get taller.

The voice may begin “breaking”. This is when the boy’s voice suddenly and uncontrollably changes pitch mid-word or sentence.

Stage four of male puberty commonly takes place when a boy is around 14 or 15 years old. Hair begins showing up in the armpits and on the face, and pubic hair begins to grow coarse. A boy’s voice will even out and become deeper. There will be more acne because of oily skin. He begins to grow taller and even faster.

Stages through puberty for boys